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A typical session may include massage, passive/active stretching, deep compression, tapotement, range of motion, vibration and traction.

Sessions may also include cupping, scraping, warm herbal compresses, as well as the use of various liniments, balms and oils. Thai bodywork is performed on a floor mat, so please come prepared with comfortable, loose fitting clothing, as the entire session is done while you are fully clothed.​

60 minutes $90

75 minutes $105

90 minutes $120

2 hours $190


A typical session may include warm compresses with gentle soft tissue + deep tissue massage directly on the abdomen. Be sure to wear clothing that can get dirty, as many oils and herbs are typically used.


Abdominal massage is excellent for addressing low back pain, depletion in energy, and digestive issues. It can also help address pain due to menstruation (though not appropriate during menstruation). After treatment, some people experience a release of emotional energy, improvement in digestion, and an overall sense of calm and stability in the body.

60 minutes $90


With a focus on posture and alignment, this treatment will allow time for range of motion exercises/movement therapy, guided breathwork, a 2-hour bodywork session, and time for daily habit discussion through the lens of traditional Thai medicine. The entire session will last around three hours.

3 hours $250

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To Schedule an appointment, click the link below.  If you have any questions about services, or if you do not see appointment times that work for you in your schedule, please contact me directly, I'm happy to check for alternative times for you. Please keep in mind, the schedule fills up very quickly, so please book ahead if your availability is limited, or add your name to the Waitlist for a last minute appointment. Walk-ins are not available at this time.

If this will be your first appointment, please fill out a health and intake form here.

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